Fun for mummies

Akinyi Gloria

From morning to evening, if with a child, then that is a stressful day.

Mothers literally go through a lot in taking care of their little of the needs of their little ones. From cleaning them to cleaning up after their mess and ensuring that everything is in order does indeed need strength as it takes a lot

So, when an opportunity avails itself, an opportunity that offers moms the chance to take a day and relax and unwind albeit being with their little ones, then the opportunity is grabbed without hesitation

This year, Archich Gardens has organized a wonderful event dubbed ‘Bonding time 101’, which offers mummies and their young ones the ultimate bonding experience which entails fun and exciting games altogether.

Be it ball games, playing catch, hide and seek, tug of war or rolling on grass, it is an event that will surely ensure a 50-50 win and amazing experience for both sides.

In as much as they toil for the good of their families, when joyous opportunities like the one offered by Archich gardens springs up, moms should grab and run with them and have as much fun as they can.

They rightfully deserve to enjoy themselves.


Dine and unwind



Whisk your loved ones and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing weekend at Olepolos country’s not only ranked as one of the best nyama choma joints in Nairobi but also thee ideal place to take your family for holidays to get a taste of the maasai culture and enjoy the good scenery it offers.

Olepolos is situated on Magadi road Kajiado county few kilometres from Karen and less than 30 km from the central business district. The club provides accommodation ranging from 3000 to 7000 per night depending on one’s budget.Also suitable for honeymoons.its simply serene with maximum privacy.

Has a nicely built clean swimming pool to help you escape the scorching sunlight with breath taking views of ngong hills and the surrounding area displaying a beautiful ambience.

Restaurant opening hours Monday to Friday from 10:00 am-23:30pm. Delicacies provided at joint include nyama Choma, fresh mutura, ugali, pilau, chicken French fries mashed potatoes and drinks as accompaniments.

Come one come all!

Body Fitness

Clayton Onyango



Making the decision to exercise is easy. It gets more complicated when you actually have to do it. Its easy to pay for gym subscription while also not doing it. Many people subscribe to the gym but don’t know what to do an d the routines to follow ending up doing a poor working routine that leads to injury and an imbalanced body physique.

Focus fitness Centre is a new training gym establishment located in Rongai along ongata lane at tuskys Centre. It’s a new gym in town with state of the art equipment’s for training for both ladies and men. Training ranges from body building, weight lifting, body toning, weight slimming and aerobics sessions for both men and ladies.

It has the best qualified trainers and instructors to guide you through your workout routines that will give you maximum results. Try us and you will see the difference.




Sharon Mochabo


Feel the love and transformation to a whole new look through our art of makeup. Makeup that will get all your dreams come true with a comfortable wear that will last all day with no smudges. Most of the people think that makeup is all about being baked and caked up to cover all spots but here at Brixen’s beauty shop we give you a new definition of makeup.

Simple, radiant, glowing look is what we do. Makeup comes out all fresh with just a simple touch. Here we give you the transformation you deserve. Be different be the new face of town. We even educate you on the best makeup and shade that suits your skin tone and skin type.

Choose your complete tailored solution for a beautiful skin. Get your flawless skin for the everyday look. We guide you on the steps to do your makeup and bring the fairness in your lovely skin.

Jumping the broom.

affair-anniversary-asad-1024972 (1)

Someone once said , any man can sweep a woman off her feet all he requires is the right broom. Well i think it is almost true since sometimes love can be found in the most wierd of places, yes i just said it, love is not the perfect type, it is the kind that finds perfection in our imperfections.

So you think you have found ‘the one’ and want to take it to the next level, well it is not always easy especially for the guys only because you want to make that moment special. Jumping the broom can be a night mare for any groom or again a fairy tale if all goes well; rarely does everything go according to plan though.

The cupid affair is meant to take care of all this, from the perfect proposal to the perfect retreat for the love birds, it is a magical place to be. If you are a couple that have been on for long and want to renew your vows, well you have not been left out either, marriage counselors are there to take care of that. Also, there wedding organizers to help you with budgeting for your wedding and the location arrangements as well.

So are you hitched? well this will be your chance; lets put a ring on it

Cervical cancer awareness

Mwendwa lizzan

There is nothing hard as hearing “you have cancer.” A statement that comes as a shock and ends up leaving people in a limbo and a state of despair and lingering grief. Cervical cancer which is most common in women and often ignored. Every woman is advised to go for the cervical cancer screening to check if they have it. The cervical cancer is free in our hospitals and even school or campus dispensaries. The probability of getting cervical cancer is very high in young women at the age of 24 to 40 years but with a possibility of treatment, if it is diagnosed at an early stage. That’s why specialist advise for the screening to detect the cancer for treatment before it develops. The test for cervical cancer is usually very easy and doesn’t involve surgical procedures for those who are afraid to take it. The specialist will usually do a vaginal examination and if a woman has symptoms which may indicate cervical cancer the specialist will feel an abnormal cervix. Women who smoke and use oral contraceptives regularly are at the highest risk of getting cervical cancer which is characterized by symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding, heavy periods and bleeding after intercourse. Women let’s get tested and stop cervical cancer!

Is she for keeps?

Kevin Sitati

Screenshot_2018-12-06 SurveyMonkey Analyze - Relationship

I often wonder why guys like it when a girl has a bond with their moms… Thing is they see it as an approval sign and in that way they miss the most important question,  is she for keeps?

A girl with good bond with your mom is not proof enough she is the one.  Soul sexual means a lot when it comes to this.  This is as per the survey conducted,  the survey supported the opinion that just because a lady has a thing with your mom, doesn’t mean she is the one for you.

This could be because some girls are too good pretenders and can fake it all. They are the ones that know exact thing to say in a certain situation.  This might all seem as a shock but it’s the hard truth. If a chic is that much into you she will do almost anything to make it work. . If you ever had a moment where your mom wants to hook you up with her type then you are the momys boy. I know, it still happens in this century.

So is she for keeps? Well there is so much to this other than just having a thing with your mom, she should be your kind of mellow, the one that gives you the chills every time and makes you want to be better. You will just know if she is guys, no approval needed.